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Welcome to my online portfolio.

I do product and interior design, carpentry and much else. Feel free to contact me with any questions, work related or otherwise.

//Joakim Zickert

Graduate project from Beckmans college of design

The furniture is inspired by early norwegian stave churches, where every decoration is applied to be a part of the constructional elements and to pronounce the distribution of forces within them. 

Blossom - Stackable chair

Blossom was designed for storängen design, in collaboration with Kourosh Hekmatara. It is available in three different heights, with or without backrest.

Cleft basket

Basket made from green ash. All pieces are split or “riven” to size. The rails and handles still have their pie-shiped cross-section, a natural outcome of the splitting process.

The weaving material is prepared by beating on the wet wood with a mallet to break up and separate the layers of growth rings. 

Medieval Modern Table

Top is made from one very wide piece of walnut. Bottom painted with egg oil tempera. 

The table gets it charachter from the strong splay and rake angles of the legs.

Heartwood desk

A writing desk built from recycled and very old construction timber.

The design is based on a traditional trestle type table, but takes a few unexpected turns.